traveling to the edge

Vacation where you Live, Travel for a Living

Welcome to my website!

            My name is Kate Edgecombe. I'm a southern California girl born and raised with a southern-bell soul. I enjoy the ocean, yoga, traveling, good gluten-free food, real estate, event planning, reading, personal development and spending time with friends and family.

            I have an amazing job that I love. I get to travel the country every week and go into the different communities and make an impact for the better and help change people's lives.  On top of that I travel with a group of individuals who I truly consider family and have a blast while doing it.

            I'm a 20 something individual who writes about my epic journeys I am experiencing on my road life and well as my home life. Also how I am navigating entering into the working world, sharing the struggles and changes I am going through trying to become the best adult post-grad I can be. Lastly I will write about the journey I am going on to become a self made entrepreneur, sharing some financial lessons I am learning and how I am starting to set myself to be in the best financial position I can be.

            I am using this website as a platform to document what I am going through because I know when I look back I will not regret having taken the risk to do this and share my stories. If I can make a positive impact in just one person's life I know it will out way my fear and intimidation of sharing my stories. Thinking I am not cool enough or funny enough or that I really have anything important to say at all. With my fears on the line and out there for everyone to see I also have to mention if it's not already obvious enough is I am not a professional writer at all. In fact I am quite the opposite. All throughout my schooling I got terrible grades on my papers or any writing assignments. That's why I find it so challenging that I have chosen a blog as my form of self-expression. So just a warning now, there will be spelling and grammar errors because I won't know the difference. However with that being said I would love to share my journey of Traveling To The Edge and I hope you will come along with me for the ride.