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Adventures in Amarillo

The number one question that I receive after telling people that I travel for a living is where has been your favorite place to go. This question always stumps me and they look at me like I have two heads thinking “why is that such a hard question?” It is hard because I hate the most basic answers that everyone would expect. Oh New York is amazing. Chicago is super rad and New Orleans is a lot of fun. But to tell you the truth although all of those places are cool and I am glad I have experienced them I wouldn’t say that they are my favorite. Some of my favorite experiences on the road so far have been in the most podunk little towns that turned out to be amazingly cool and I shared some memories with some of the raddest people out on the road.

This is one one of my favorite things that happens while you are traveling. The point or message that I am trying to get across here is you always want to have an open mind when you are traveling because you never know what you are going to run into.  What I mean by this is you want to to never judge a book by its cover when it comes to a place you have never been before. Or a better way to put it is don’t judge a town by its lame TripAdvisor Top 10 things to do here list.

 Because of my line of work I have the opportunity to go into some of the most random places across the U.S. My favorite part about the opportunity I have is when I get completely surprised by a town. Im talking about the ones that when I tell my friends and family I am going there they go "OMG your poor thing I am so sorry you have to spend the weekend there." Now trust me this doesn’t happen in every small town that I go too. Some are just as bad as everyone says they are and sometimes even worse. (I won’t be naming names but trust me there are a few that if I saw my name on the schedule to go there again I would heavily consider contracting a deadly disease before I have to go again.) You have to keep in mind that I live in San Diego so I am pretty spoiled when it comes to traveling because I arguably live in one of the best places in the world in my opinion. Or at least Americas Finest City. :) 

 My Backyard 

My Backyard 

When it comes to being surprised I’m going to tell you about the most recent time that this has happened to me: Amarillo, Texas. My friends and family especially for the weeks leading up to this trip were saying things to me like “good luck there is nothing in that god awful town." But in my opinion they couldn’t have been more wrong. First off I just love Texas in general. I always make the mistake of not bringing my boots when there are cool places to go dancing that I miss out on.  To start off the weekend I was with a super amazing team with some of my absolute favorites so that just sets up the weekend to be a success from the start.

This is a team dinner that we had on Saturday night at a Mexican Restaurant called Acapulco. Can’t explain how amazing this place was to eat. Many of us didn’t even venture out and try something new because it was that good. On Friday night I went out to an Italian restaurant in downtown Amarillo called Napoli’s where I had great chicken piccata and a glass of my current favorite Pinot Noir, Mark West. 

What stood out to me most about Amarillo was how trendy it was.  There was this really cool hipster coffee shop downtown called The Palace. I was so impressed with this coffee shop because of the great coffee, the impossibly cute baristas, and the vibe of the shop. I would definitely recommend grabbing a cup of joe next time you pass through. I became a frequent for the weekend that I was there. 


On Monday I had the pleasure of taking a late flight out of Amarillo. (At the time that I booked my flight I was dreading the fact that I couldn't fly out till 5PM) I ended up having the best day driving around exploring and eating and drinking with some friends. We were so excited to stumble upon multiple different graffiti murals. Not going to lie we had a mini photo shoot. Checkout @PATHS01 on instagram to see some amazing graffiti. 


 I have had a long standing love affair with graffiti. It is one of my favorite things to take pictures with when I am traveling to a new city. Where have you found some really cool graffiti? 

Here are some other Graffiti Pictures I have taken around the world. #Berlin #WashingtonDC #SanFrancisco #SanDiego